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Kids' Stuff



It's important for your child to know what can be good or bad when it comes to asthma. Click here to download a funbook with games that teach your child about asthma and triggers. Download the Funbook here.

Your child can play the following games to learn all about triggers and how to avoid attacks:

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Maze
  • Connect-the-Dots
  • Coloring Page
  • Seek-and-Find

"Why is Coco Orange" book

Download (Opens in a new window) "Why is Coco Orange" book to teach your kids about air quality and alerts. 

"The Breathe Easies" coloring book

Check out these fun coloring pages featuring the world’s most famous (and only) asthma rock band, The Breathe Easies.  Download the PDF for your kids here .



bathtub mold


Did you know molds can be found almost anywhere? They can grow on almost any damp or wet surface. The way to control mold is to get rid of moisture. Find out more about triggers in your home.